Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you are always fully informed, when dealing with us.

  • How can I register for a service?

    Simply call, email or use our online booking form and we will get back to you to arrange a visit to your premises.

  • Do I meet my cleaner before the first clean?

    Yes of course! We know the cleaner will be in your home and that personalities are often as important as high level of cleaning standards. We'll arrange for them to come along and meet you so that you can approve our choice and discuss the cleaning tasks you require.</p> <p>It's important that your cleaner is someone you like so. Once you're satisfied that we've sent the right person for you, you can then mutually arrange a regular clean day and time.

  • Do you offer any other services?

    We are a family owned business which specialised in the cleaning of homes and also caring of vulnerable people.

  • How are the cleaners vetted?

    The cleaners are vetted to the highest standard especially due to the fact that most have professionally worked with vulnerable people.

  • What sort of contract am I tied in to?

    We don't believe in long and complicated contracts and do believe in being fair, and to you being happy with your service.

  • How is it priced?

    Our prices are fully agreed before cleaning, because naturally all houses/offices are different and the amount of things you need cleaned all this needs to be agreed upon by both parties, so everything is clear.

  • Can you clean business premises?

    We also clean business offices, from making sure that floors are clean, kitchens are clean, bins changed and all the usual requirements of busy offices, while also providing a non disruptive service.

  • How often do you clean?

    Most of our clients require weekly or fortnightly, because we build a relationship with our customers, we like to keep long lasting friendships, rather than just cleaners.